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All-terrain vehicles have always been very popular with adults and children of all ages. Many riders take to the woods or fields and spend the day riding the rugged terrain for hours on end. Sadly, though, these vehicles can be very dangerous, and when riders are just too young, too small in stature, or just too inexperienced, the injuries suffered in ATV accidents can be catastrophic or deadly. When the ATV has a design or manufacturing defect, the danger factor of these vehicles only increases.

Although many ATV accidents are caused by driver error, some ATV accidents are caused by defects. Many defective ATVs have flaws that occurred in the manufacturing process. If a manufacturer is aware of a hazard and does not warn the public of this hazard, he is guilty of "failure to warn." Design defects are errors in the product design that make the ATV dangerous. Hundreds of thousands of all-terrain vehicles have been recalled in the last eight-ten years, and thousands of people are filing product liability lawsuits against the makers and sellers of these deadly machines.

The following is a list of just a few of the recent ATV recalls:

Razor Dirt Quad - Electric Powered Ride-On Vehicles: 30,000 Razor Dirt Quad's have been recalled. The control module for the throttle can fail and cause the vehicle to unexpectedly surge forward, posing a risk for injury.  The recall affects product ID numbers beginning with 103110-01 or 103110-02. Call 800-813-3155 for more information or visit

Kawasaki - Brute Force 750 4x4i model ATV - On some vehicles, a nut that secures the front upper suspension arm pivot bolt, could become loose during vehicle use and cause the upper suspension A-arm pivot bolt to back partially out resulting in loss of steering. Kawasaki has received 14 reports of incidents with three minor injuries.

Arctic Cat Inc  - Prowler XT Off-Highway Utility Vehicle -  The recalled units fall within the vehicle identification range (VIN) of 4UF06MPV06T300001 through 4UF06MPV86T300781.  The brakes on this ATV can fail. At this time, no injuries have been reported.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc - 2004 and 2005 DS650 ATVs - The recalled units are under model numbers 0003A5A00, 0003A5B00, 0003B5A00, 0003B5B00, 000799700, 000799500, 000771900, and 000771700. Rear axle bearings may have not been sufficiently greased and could make the ATV unstable. Bombardier has received one report of the rear axle bearing breaking leading to a loss of control, but no injuries have been reported yet.

Polaris - Sportsman 700 EFI - Model numbers A04CH68CU, A04CH68AU, A04CH68AP, and A04CH68AQ are part of the recall and have problems with the fuel line.  The throttle cable may bind when the handlebars are turned full left or full right, resulting in an increase in engine speed and unintended vehicle acceleration. In addition, the fuel line may rub against the vehicle chassis, resulting in a fuel line leak, which could be a fire hazard.  There have been 19 incidents (including two minor injuries such as scrapes, bruises, and minor injuries to the leg, knee, and shoulder) involving the throttle cable binding. There have been 31 incidents (but no injuries or fires) involving gasoline leaks.

Please keep in mind that this list does not involve all ATV recalls. There are more.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a defective ATV, please contact an experienced ATV accident/defective products attorney in your area today.

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